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Lindberg HL136 Customizable Show Rods 1/32 Scale

Lindberg HL136 Customizable Show Rods 1/32 Scale

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Lindberg HL136 Customizable Show Rods 1-32
  • This is an unfinished plastic model kit
  • Shrink wrapped
  • Two complete cars
  • Molded in orange, blue chrome and clear
  • Paint and cement not included
  • 1/32 Scale

In the late 1950's and early 1960's, Hot Rodding was very popular. 

Based on that popularity, Lindberg released several 1/32nd scale Hot Rod model kits in 1964 : The Kookie Contender, The Super Custom Deuce, the Bangster and many others. 

These kits were re-released by Lindberg in many different boxes and decal sets from 1965-1975 and were fun to build. When I was young, I had two from the Jumpin' Jeans series : Slick Slacks (The Kookie Contender) and Thrill Threads (Bangster) - Super Custom Deuce was boxed as Glad Rag

These model kits lay dormant in the Lindberg vaults after 1976 and now Lindberg under Round2 have re-released two of these kits in one package. 

Unlike their Jumping Jeans predecessors, Lindberg has included chrome plated parts to make model building a lot brighter than in 1975.

Each car can be built one of three ways and the parts can be interchanged from one car to another to make your own special Hot Rods. 

The only drawback to these kits is that they are molded in colored plastic which will require the use of primer paints to block the plastic from any new color you wish to paint on top of them. 
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